As a product lead for Inera’s Edifix web app, I oversaw all aspects of the application’s development, maintenance, as well as ongoing user support and user experience. Edifix is an automated bibliographic reference editing and linking tool used by editors and publishing teams around the world, and its customer base is varied, international, and very sharp.

In spring 2017, I coordinated a major design update of the app. In addition to managing the overarching project schedule, I was directly involved in each stage of the design process:

  • identifying areas of improvement through user research and coordination with the support team;
  • writing and iterating on all web copy;
  • creating wireframes and mockups;
  • designing and running tests with new and existing users;
  • iterating on designs with and communicating requirements to our developers;
  • and finally re-launching the app and coordinating the renewed marketing efforts.

The following mockups illustrate only some of my work throughout this project.

High fidelity mockup: Landing page

Edifix’s design had undergone several changes since launching in 2014, and it was important to keep some of the old imagery while incorporating design best practices and a more “colorful” palette, per the request of stakeholders. The landing page, in particular, was redesigned to achieve three main goals:

  1. Improve communication of Edifix’s purpose (i.e., what is it and why)
  2. Improve communication of the versatility of Edifix (i.e., who is it for)
  3. Make Edifix look “cleaner and newer”

My wireframes and mockups for the entire site, including the landing page, underwent several iterations in response to stakeholder feedback, third-party marketing consultants, and user testing. With the new design of the site, trial sign-ups doubled in the first month after implementation.

For comparison, the old landing pages from 2014 and 2016 can be found on archive.org. The final mockup for the landing page is below.

High fidelity mockup: Pricing pages

One of the more complicated aspects of Edifix is the subscription model, which includes three monthly subscription options, three annual subscription options, and custom “Enterprise” plans, all on top of their free trial. User data showed that the previous Pricing page made it difficult for users to parse and compare their options.

Team accounts

As yet unreleased when I left Inera, the team account functionality of Edifix would enable organizations to share their subscription with multiple individual accounts. Before I left, I helped to create a possible workflows for the functionality and wireframes for some of the screens.

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