Connecting the Dots Community Toolkit

In fall 2020 and spring 2021, I completed my Integrated Design and Media graduate thesis, entitled Connecting the Dots Community Toolkit, a Workshop on Systems Thinking for Community Problem Solving. This toolkit is designed to help disrupt ableism in community resilience initiatives by fostering Systems… Read More

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UCD Toolkit: Plain Language for Museum Content

In spring 2021, I designed and co-created the working prototype, UCD Toolkit: Universal Content Design for Museums and Historic Sites, as part of my graduate student collaboration with the NYU Ability Project and a group of museum and accessibility experts. The UCD Toolkit is a… Read More

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Access 370J

In spring 2020, I collaborated with several NYU colleagues to explore the orientation and way-finding needs of blind or low-vision visitors to NYU’s new 370 Jay Street building. Despite the limitations introduced by the COVID-19 outbreak, my colleagues and I spent significant time researching common… Read More

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