Connecting the Dots Community Toolkit

In fall 2020 and spring 2021, I completed my Integrated Design and Media graduate thesis, entitled Connecting the Dots Community Toolkit, a Workshop on Systems Thinking for Community Problem Solving. This toolkit is designed to help disrupt ableism in community resilience initiatives by fostering Systems… Read More

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NYU Inequality Research Collective

In spring 2020, I researched and co-created a design proposal to improve NYU’s impact on inequality and other social issues. To support the work of our client, NYU’s Office of the Provost, and their new inequality initiative, we aimed to resolve the existing disconnect between… Read More

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One More Time Machine

In fall 2019, I conducted a five-week research and prototyping project on sustainability and waste management as part of my NYU Integrated Digital Media coursework. My research and design process included the following: Reviewing academic literature and current news related to the impact of curbside… Read More

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